CostLens is a Technology Cost Management software that automates IT Financial Management functions

Generate strategic insights to transform your cost structure in a digital, hybrid world

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About CostLens

Modern enterprise have an increasingly complex footprint with complex entity and cost structures across multiple jurisdictions. Also, increased Technology spend on hybrid, multicloud architectures, advanced transformative technologies such as AI, and the rise of intangibles has driven up the complexity of costs and its associated modelling.

CostLens is a fully hosted IT Financial Management software with a pre-built cost modelling engine aligned to industry-standards that automates Cost Transparency & Showback reports, enables Cost Takeout, Demonstrates value of Shared Services, and improves returns of Transformation initiatives.

Some of the key insights delivered are:
- TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
- Unit Costs
- Fully loaded costs
- Benchmarks
- Product/Business Unit Profitability

a 3-min Product Tour

demonstrates how the IT Cost Analyst Team would benefit from select IT Financial Management functions covering Cost Transparency, Showback/Chargeback and Cost Control features

Supply and Demand economics

If you are interested in expressing your costs in terms of Supply and Demand economics, talk to us

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Complexity of Cost Models in modern enterprises

made even more challenging by the complexity of each of these layers.

Cost allocations requires weaving together all layers - the Legal Entity structure, Operating Model, Technology Infrastructure, supporting Corporate functions and Revenue model. However, increased complexity in each of these layers has rendered traditional methods obsolete.

For example: Modern enterprises typically operate a multitude of legal entities spread over multiple jurisdictions. The pandemic has increased spend on digital and Technology; with a substantial rise in intangible assets - further contributing to complexity.

CostLens handles this complexity out-of-the-box.

key components of CostLens

end-to-end cost transparency at the lowest level of granularity

Board-ready Best Practice Cost Transparency and Showback reports.

a TBM-aligned & consumption-based Cost Modelling engine

automates cost modelling with pre-built algorithms for industry-aligned cost allocations, offers a NoCode interface for custom cost allocations.

A secure, SaaS solution ready to be integrated within your ecosystem

ISO 27001 certified and compliant with UK, EU and US data protection regulations.

A drilldown of components

Automated Cost Models

A TBM-aligned & consumption-based Cost Modelling engine

pre-built cost algorithms for industry-aligned allocations, and, a NoCode interface for custom cost algorithms.

Unprecedented flexibility in supporting client data models
Support flexible governance frameworks
CostLens pre-built Cost Model
Automated Cost Reports

End-to-end cost reporting at the lowest level of granularity

Board-ready Best Practice Cost Transparency and Showback reports with a powerful custom reporting interface for complex, ad-hoc scenarios

Drive transparency of supply-side & demand-side economics
Automated variance reports comparing any 2 periods
Supply and Demand economics
fully hosted

A secure, SaaS solution ready to be integrated within your ecosystem

ISO 27001 certified and compliant with UK, EU and US data protection regulations

Authenticate with your ecosystem + many other integrations
Built-in versioning for input data, reports & cost configurations
ISO 27001 Logo
Proprietary data
Data enrichment

A flexible framework adapts and supplements your data

Our solution enriches your data with industry-standard proprietary data

Don't boil the ocean - CFO
This approach makes the solution easy to maintain

A secure, SaaS IT Financial Management solution ready to be integrated within your ecosystem

Authenticate within your ecosystem with SSO

Enable single-sign on capabilities to manage user permissions internally

Massively scalable

underpinned by a big-data engine tested to 40 billion records

Integrate with your ecosystem

  • Proven compatibility with market-leading systems
  • Requires ‘clean’ source data
  • Clients that refresh allocations quarterly or half-yearly see less value in ‘real-time’ API integration

Versioning at every level

Built-in versioning of input datasets, Reports and Cost configurations

Post-merger use-case
Cost Takeout use-case
Shared Services use-case
Cost Transparency use-case
Emerging Technology adoption use-case
Digital Transformation use-case

CostLens is the single source of truth for multiple scenarios

A single repository for all advanced metrics

Evaluate CostLens tailored to your role

for CIOs
for CIOs & Technology teams

seeking to control costs and demonstrate value

for CFOs
for CFOs & Finance teams

seeking automation of Cost Reports & Cost Modelling

for Strategy Consultants

seeking advance Cost Insights at speed

for ITSM Experts
for ITSM Experts

seeking to extend the value beyond Operations

or based on the function

Cost Transparency

Cost Transparency

of complex, digital, hybrid, multi-cloud cost structures


Showback & Chargeback

of shared, intangible costs

Cost Takeout

Cost Take-out

of complex, structural costs at speed

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