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Enabling the CEO’s key priorities

To support these objectives, CFOs need a number of advanced capabilities. Our Cost Allocation software generates insights that support this out-of-the-box.

enables growth

Enables Growth

A consumption-based product cost model ensures investments in high growth areas

Enables Technology investments

A single source of truth with a repository of advanced metrics

technology investments
enhanced financials

Enhanced financials

Advanced cost metrics such as unit costs, TCO, fully loaded costs, etc

Critical to Cost Management

Granular, bottom-up analysis of costs

Cost Management
Better products & services

Better Products & Services

Accurate product profitability ensures better investments

Drives efficiency & productivity

Generates bottom-up benchmarks to industry peers

Enhanced Productivity

the challenges it solves

The current process to Cost Management is manual & error-prone

"Excel-magic" has its limitations.

Impacts speed & agility to emerging dynamic events
Impacts bottom-up, end-to-end, granular financial control
The challenges with Excel for Cost Modelling
Opaqueness of OpEx

Lack of clear understanding of Operating Expenditure

There are significant operational limitations with bottom-up, granular cost data and cost levers - all of which impacts the granularity and transparency of your Operational Expenditure

Struggling to accurately determine profitability of your Business Units and/or Products

While there is a good grasp of profitability at the aggregate organisation-level, due to complex structures there is very limited understanding at the entities or units that make up the organisation.

lack of BU/Product profitability
Corporate Modelling Layers

Struggling to understand returns on your Capital Expenditure

Typical capital investments are made using manual computations on a case-by-case basis using spreadsheets.

However, shared resources such as Technology introduces a substantial layer of complexity across the legal, financial and organisational construct.

Modelling this complexity manually is hugely inconsisten and infalliable.

CostLens delivers on your FY23-24 agenda

Automation of cost insights that drives cost accountability across the organisation

The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of Services drives accountability with Service Owners.

Similarly, the fully loaded costs of Functional Groups drives accountability with Heads of shared Infrastructure Leads such as database lead, Server lead, etc

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Automation of complex variance in terms your audience understand

Not only can you compare any two periods; but you can also express this variance in terms of familiar financial ledger dimensions such as cost-centre, legal entities, etc. Additionally, you can express this variance in terms familiar to your audience.

Automated Variance diagrams
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A pre-built Cost Allocation software aligned to industry-standards

An out-of-the-box engine with pre-defined cost algorithms that understands the cost domain - so simply uploaded your data and the system will do the rest.

Cost Domain model
Supply and Demand economics

If you are interested in expressing your costs in terms of Supply and Demand economics, talk to us

choose a convenient time-slot between multiple meeting formats

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CostLens brings the power of big-data analytics to deliver huge benefits

Generates advanced metrics of complex cost structures

such as Unit Costs of Infrastructure

consumption-based billing

Consumption-based billing

drives changes to behaviour

80% reduction in manual effort

~ 80%

typical reductions in manual effort when compared to Excel

articulate business demand

Articulate business-led demand

Consumption-driven cost increases drives accountability

cost transparency

Offers transparency of opaque costs

Technology costs expressed in terms the business understands

Drives shared cost accountability

Consumption-based charges drives accountability of cost levers

surface true product profitability

Surface true BU/ Product profitability

improved product investment decisions

indirect benefits

Transparency offers a sense of control

Transparency alters the cost conversation to a value-focussed one, enabling richer conversations

confidence in investment decisions

Improve confidence in investment decisions

Generate accurate metrics for robust, reliable decisions such as TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), Fully loaded costs, Unit Costs

indirect costs

Improves agility

In a world of hyper-turbulence organisations need data-driven insights to take faster decisions

Enables Continuous Cost Optimisation

Drives a cultural shift from treating cost optimisation as a BAU task rather than a one-off activity

Demonstrates the value of shared costs

The value of complex systems can be put in the context of the cost avoided or revenues gained

Lower structural costs by 15% - 20%

Lower the hard-to-crack, non-fungible, structural costs

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