CostLens for Shared Services

Automate Showback charges to drive accountability and 'co-drive' cost reductions for Shared Services

Showback Chord diagram

How Showback models help?

Shared Service Centres (SSCs) deliver enormous cost efficiencies through amalgamation of contracts and centralisation of resources. However, they also introduce a substantial layer of complexity across the legal, financial, and organisational construct that, if unmanaged can undermine its rationale and existence.

Shared Service Centres can be implemented in a variety of structures - as a virtual-constructs or legally incorporated structures. Irrespective of their structure, they share similar characteristics and challenges in terms of cost and value demonstration.

Our software traces its origins to one such scenario - and is built to handle the complexities of modern SSCs.

CostLens helps Heads of Shared Service Centres optimise costs by automating a standards-aligned, consumption-based showback/chargeback model.

This helps to change the conversation – as it allows stakeholders to take informed cost-quality-risk based decisions based on a single source of truth.

the challenges it solves

The current process of Showback reporting is manual and error prone
The challenges with Excel for Cost Modelling
cio icon
Concerns of uncontrollable spend
significant excel work
Significant manual
Excel work
Lack of demonstration of value
Lack of understanding of indirect costs
Product Profitability
Division-level bonuses

The only tool that builds cost traceability across complex Shared Service structures

Automation of Showbck / Chargeback reports in multiple perspectives

The reports can be broken into the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of Services consumed to drive accountability.

Similarly, the fully loaded costs of Functional Groups drives accountability from the infrastructure layer.

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Automation of complex variance in terms your audience understand

Not only can you compare any two periods; but you can also express this variance in terms of familiar financial ledger dimensions such as cost-centre, legal entities, etc. Additionally, you can express this variance in terms familiar to your audience.

Automated Variance diagrams
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A pre-built Cost modelling engine aligned to industry-standards

An out-of-the-box engine with pre-defined cost algorithms that understands the cost domain - so simply uploaded your data and the system will do the rest.

Cost Domain model

Evaluate CostLens tailored to your role

for CIOs
for CIOs & Technology teams

seeking to control costs and demonstrate value

for CFOs
for CFOs & Finance teams

seeking automation of Cost Reports & Cost Modelling

for Strategy Consultants

seeking advance Cost Insights at speed

for ITSM Experts
for ITSM Experts

seeking to extend the value beyond Operations

or based on the function

Cost Transparency

Cost Transparency

of complex, digital, hybrid, multi-cloud cost structures


Showback & Chargeback

of shared, intangible costs

Cost Takeout

Cost Take-out

of complex, structural costs at speed

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